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Hi! I'm Lisa.

​I'm a yoga practitioner, artist, and creator of Jotasana Designs. I split my time living in the serene Tahoe Forest in California and the quaint beachside town of Samara, Costa Rica.

Our Story

When I first signed up for Elemental YTT with Kenny Graham and Kelly Kay, I had no idea the journey I was in for!

What I thought would be learning asanas and finally mastering some of those elusive hand-balances ended up being a life-blossoming spark. Asana would be just a small part of what I would take away.

As I sat there with the course manual, my papers of jotted notes, my journal of self-development and realization work, and finally my planner for yoga classes and meditations, I wanted a special space for all this work. These were not items meant to be scribbled in random notebooks and sheets of paper.  My journey of self-development is important, and it deserves its own sacred space.

​So, I set to work creating a journal for myself that conveyed the specialness of this work... a single space to capture all aspects of my yoga practice from journaling to reference material to notes to class planning. The result was too beautiful to keep to myself so I made one for each of my classmates ... and JotAsana Designs was born.

​I hope these journals find a special place in your yoga practice. 

You're doing beautiful, important work!  Celebrate it!


Free Consultation

Interested in custom journals for your event or want to know more about publishing with us? Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss options and learn more.

Our Values

Woman owned

Latina & Native American

Hi! I'm Lisa Gutierrez, owner & creator of Jotasana Designs. I am proud of my heritage and come from the Acjachemen.

Environmentally Conscious

Low/No Plastic

Living in Costa Rica and Tahoe, I am dedicated to keeping our lakes & oceans plastic-free. We do our best to keep our products no/low plastic and source environmentally friendly options.

Small Batch

Made with Love

We avoid using overly processed and chemically treated leather, while this results in less uniformity we believe it add to the uniqueness of each piece. 

Our products are designed & made in the USA.

Community Focused

Collaboration over Competition

I truly believe that we are better together, and that we win through cooperation, not competition.  It is my goal to assist wellness providers in bringing their messages to the community.