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Retreat & Studio Program

Looking for a unique gift for your studio, retreat, training or other event? 

Set your event apart with our customized wellness notebooks.


your events with premium, custom, artist-crafted wellness notebooks.


your clients’ experience with prompts and micro-journaling.


your clients’ success through the power of micro habits.



attention and make clients for life!


Keep your students inspired & engaged before, during, and after the retreat

Create sacred space for self-discovery

Turn your students into lifelong advocates

Invest in lasting connections

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What goes into a customized wellness notebook?

About Our Program

Features and Benefits

  • Custom Wellness Notebooks: Enhance your retreat experience with notebooks tailored to your program, fostering deeper engagement and reflection.
  • Collaborative Design Process: We capture the unique spirit of your retreat, ensuring that every notebook resonates with your values and goals, creating a cohesive experience.
  • Flexible Packages: Choose from a variety of options to best suit your needs, all while enjoying significant savings, maximizing value for you and your clients.
  • Premium Leather Journals: Equip your attendees with durable, elegant journals featuring your logo, keeping your brand in their hands—and minds—long after the retreat ends
  • Long-Term Engagement: Create lasting impressions with materials designed to remind customers of their transformative retreat experience, encouraging repeat attendance.

How It Works

We begin with understanding your unique vision. Through a series of focused meetings, we delve into the heart of your retreat, ensuring that every aspect of the wellness notebooks we create reflects your distinctive style and aligns with the experiences you offer. Here’s how we bring this vision to life:

  • Introductory Meeting: We start with a conversation to discover the unique aspects of your retreat and explore the various options available.
  • Customization Session: Together, we tailor a package that fits seamlessly with your retreat’s needs, enhancing its value.
  • Content Refinement: We meticulously refine the content to ensure it encapsulates the essence of your retreat, ready to engage and inspire your attendees.

This process is crafted to deliver materials that are not just products, but partners in the journey of your students’ personal growth.