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As a wellness provider, creating tangible materials that your students or clients can use in their daily lives has many benefits:


Enrich the times when your clients aren't with you.


Help your clients establish practices and habits


Keep yourself prominent in your clients' minds


Attract new clients through tangible materials

I'm too busy with my classes/workshops/sessions...  

We get that. You SHOULD be focused on the key aspects of your offering. 

You already have so much on your plate and shouldn't have to figure out writing and publishing

--that's where we can help!

But I don't have time or know how to write a book... 

Think of it as more of a workbook. 

Short little activities you already have your clients do… try this, track these, here are some thoughts... 

This is about short activities, quick thoughts, and micro-journaling that add to your existing program.

I really don't know what to write about...

You have more content than you may realize!

You are constantly creating original content. You do this in your classes, workshops, and interactions with your clients.  Maybe you’re aware of all this content, maybe you’re not. 

We can help you find it.

Complete Service

We will collaborate with you on writing, designing, editing, and proofing. We will create unique art. We handle the printing, distribution, and sales for your booklet. 

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How does it work?


Our creation process is a unique opportunity for you to share your gifts and inspiration with the world. You don’t need to be a writer—you only need to have passion, an authentic message, and a desire to share with others. We will guide you through the process and be with you every step of the way.


We begin the design process by getting to know you, your style, your message, your energy.  We'll craft a cover and flow that reflects your values and fits with our distinctive style.  We will craft design elements and provide editorial & proofing.


We will handle the layout and design, and provide a proof for your approval when it's time to publish. We handle the specifications and everything required to get your booklet printed and published.


Once your publication is ready, you'll be joining a growing library of yoga, health, and wellness material. And becoming a part of our sales channels, from wholesale and direct to customer, to yoga and wellness events across the country.  Welcome to the community!

Ready to create?