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Mandala Coloring Book & Meditations

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New to meditation or looking for some fresh ways to meditate?

Mandala coloring pages provide a unique way to settle the mind through coloring mandalas, a series of concentric ring patterns. It's the perfect meditation for beginners.

If you struggle with sitting still or quieting the mind, coloring mandalas offers a more accessible way to focus while finding your inner child. Pairing the coloring mandala with a corresponding meditation prompt can result in effortless meditation.

This coloring book is perfect for teens, students, or anyone that struggles with focus or traditional meditation. Its compact size means it will slide easily into a bag or backpack, allowing you to fit in short meditations at your convenience. Waiting at the doctors office, enjoying your coffee, sitting at the beach... you can discretely practice meditation.

Our notebooks are ~4" x 8" and fit A5 Narrow (aka Travelers notebooks).  It's the perfect size to fit in a bag or backpack and are designed to fit inside our journal covers

Fully handcrafted in the USA

A woman & latina owned company